What is 50sub4?

The 50Sub4 Marathon Club is a free resource for all runners who share the goals of not only running a marathon in each of the 50 states, but also of completing them in a time of less than 4 hours. Thus, the club name “50Sub4 Marathon Club.”

50 States, 26.2 Miles, <4 Hours

Founded in 2009, the 50Sub4 Marathon Club has been organized as a club for all runners who share the goal of not only running a marathon in each of the 50 states, but also of completing as many of them as possible in a time of less than 4 hours.  A primary goal of our members is to challenge ourselves to not just cover the distance, but to run a “quality” marathon.  Ours is the only marathon club with a speed component that must be met in order to qualify for admission.  Just like Boston, you must meet the qualification standard of 10 sub-4 states for entry.

In the past four years, our membership has grown to approximately 200 runners spread across 42 states and also includes several members from Canada.  Of these 200 members, we have 30+ finishers and three “50sub3″ finishers (a sub-3hr marathon in all 50 states).  There are no annual dues, no membership requirements and the only “status” within the club is solely based on your average finishing time and represented by four speed classifications (wolf, mustang, gazelle and the vaunted “cheetah” status).

For those of us who share this goal, running is a lifestyle and travel is a hobby. The combination of these two – while simultaneously physically and mentally challenging oneself to run a sub-4 hour marathon – is what motivates us to keep running through the cold of a Midwest winter and the heat of a summer in the South while balancing the demands of employment and our personal lives.

The purpose of the club is not to encourage runners to COMPLETE a marathon in each state. There are a number of outstanding organizations out there that support runners in this quest (50 States Marathon Club, Marathon Maniacs, etc.). In addition, while there is a social component to this club (in that we support each other in a mutually challenging quest), the primary focus of the club is to serve as a resource and “watering hole” for those of us for whom the quality of a marathon matters as much or more than actually physically covering the distance.

Your interest in our organization is appreciated.

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